Dayle Laing

The ‘coolest shade of green’ is the sustainable choice. Dayle Laing is a Professional Speaker and Author who uses her experience and training as an educator, a designer and a LEED Accredited Professional to empower Conscious Consumers to make practical yet beautiful choices for sustainable living, reducing their carbon footprint while enhancing their body, mind & spirit.

Bring The Message of "Cool Green" To Your Group

Worried about the environment but frustrated by the marketing hype and conflicting reports? Ready to go beyond the "replace your light bulb" messages but not sure who to believe? Take the next step with Dayle's motivational talks on the practical things that you can do to make a difference.

Dayle's experience as an interior design professional, a college instructor and a healthcare sales manager, combined with her training in consumer studies and LEED accreditation, allows her to provide a unique perspective in taking on today's environmental challenges. Dayle brings a lively passion and entertaining style to her talks while taking the audience beneath the surface of 'being green' and delivers a meaty message with practical application. Dayle’s presentations educate, inform and ultimately empower Conscious Consumers to select the “Coolest Shade of Green".

Make choices that work for beauty and sustainability! 

'Coolest Shade of Green'

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“You may not realize this but you have motivated me to really open my eyes to sustainable design and to be aware of how important it is to our environment."

— Sandra Diab

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