Dayle Laing

The ‘coolest shade of green’ is the sustainable choice. Dayle Laing is a Professional Speaker and Author who uses her experience and training as an educator, a designer and a LEED Accredited Professional to empower Conscious Consumers to make practical yet beautiful choices for sustainable living, reducing their carbon footprint while enhancing their body, mind & spirit.

Empowering Conscious Consumers for Sustainable Living


Conscious Consumers want to hear solutions to problems, not more bad news and scary stories.

They want alternatives of what they can do instead. That gives them power that goes with being a Conscious Consumer.

Conscious Consumers understand they have the opportunity to make choices about what they buy, when they buy and from whom they buy. They understand that collectively, their choices determine the success or failure of products, corporations and industries. Conscious Consumers recognize that they affect the decisions and actions of both companies and governments. Along with power, comes responsibility.

Conscious Consumers ask themselves these questions:

  • How will my buying decisions affect my health and my well-being?
  • How will they affect my family today and for future generations?
  • How will they affect the health of the planet and global sustainability?
  • What knowledge do I need to make informed choices?
  • Where will I look for that knowledge?
  • When presented with conflicting information, how will I know who to believe?

Conscious Consumers have purpose in their lives. They make decisions based on personal values and lifestyle. They may be willing to pay slightly more to get what they want, although sometimes the cost is less! They embrace professional and personal development, and want balance at home and at work. They want to work where values align with their own. They believe in accountability and ethics in business. They don’t see their values and making money as mutually exclusive. If it’s good for the soul, it’s good for business!

People want concrete examples of simple things they can do to make choices that become good habits. It is all these little things that really add up for each of us, for our family and for our planet.

Once you are a conscious consumer, you will never go back!

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'Coolest Shade of Green'

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