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The ‘coolest shade of green’ is the sustainable choice. Dayle Laing is a Professional Speaker and Author who uses her experience and training as an educator, a designer and a LEED Accredited Professional to empower Conscious Consumers to make practical yet beautiful choices for sustainable living, reducing their carbon footprint while enhancing their body, mind & spirit.

5 Great Keynotes by Dayle Laing

Great Motivational SpeakerMake your next conference 'green' by bringing in one of Dayle Laing's engaging and informative Keynotes.

Her extremely well researched topics are at all times presented with exceptional visuals as well as excellent examples of practical application. Dayle Laing is a dynamic speaker and I look forward to attending her future speaking engagements."

Dorothy Jane Connolly
two O Design, Mississauga, ON

Dayle, thank you for an enjoyable, informative seminar. You are extremely knowledgeable and a forerunner in the 'Sustainable Living' movement."

Mary Stanton,
Toronto, ON

Empowering Your Conscious Consumer

conscious_consumer_250Conscious Consumers want to hear solutions to problems, not more bad news and scary stories. They want alternatives of what they can do instead.

That gives them the power that goes with being a Conscious Consumer. Conscious Consumers understand they have the opportunity to make choices about what they buy, when they buy and from whom they buy. They understand that collectively, their choices determine the success or failure of products, corporations and industries. Conscious Consumers recognize that they affect the decisions and actions of both corporations and governments. Along with power, comes responsibility.

Dayle presents clear and concrete examples of simple things that your group can do to make choices that become good habits. It is the little things that add up for each of us and for our family and for the planet.

Once you are a conscious consumer, you will never go back!


How to go 'Green' and Select Beautiful Sustainable Interior Fabrics

sustainable interior fabric keynotePeople are becoming increasingly conscious of their carbon footprint. They want to select interior design products that are the best for the environment but that are also beautiful. Is it possible to do both without major sacrifice?

Dayle Laing will show you how to make choices that work for beauty and sustainability. Make decisions from a position of strength and knowledge. Dayle’s two decades in the interior decorating and design business and educational areas combine for an information packed seminar that will leave you with confidence you can make a difference. 



How to find your way through the Maze of Daily Chemical Scares – Simple Practical Advice for every Interior Designer

greenwashing keynoteWhat is ‘greenwashing’? What are perfluorinated chemicals, formaldehyde, brominated flame retardants, chromium dyes and phthalates? Is this ‘information age’ really the ‘age of confusion’? If you wanted to be a chemist, chances are you would not be practicing interior design or interior decorating right now!

Dayle Laing combines 24 years of decorating and design practice, 19 years of design teaching, coupled with a degree in applied science and 12 years in the pharmaceutical industry to sort through this maze in simple easy-to-understand language. Leave feeling confident that you understand what the best choices are, for beautiful sustainable interior designs for your clients.


How to Select Beautiful Sustainable Wood Flooring that rings true with every footstep!

green motivational speaker: flooringShould you choose hardwood or engineered wood? What about the laminate flooring that looks like wood? Or should it be bamboo flooring? So much confusion --- so many choices! What should you consider when you have your hardwood refinished? How about indoor air quality?

Dayle Laing brings 24 years of design practice combined with nearly the same teaching material finishes to college students. Let Dayle explain the options in a clear, concise manner that leaves you knowing what the best environmental solutions are for each area of the home.



How to select 'Green' paint – without necessarily choosing the Colour 'Green'! – Tips for the most beautiful, lowest VOC paint finishes

low voc paint speakerZero VOCs, low VOCs – what is a VOC anyway? What other chemicals in a can of paint affect our indoor air quality? There is nothing to replace the durability of ‘oil’ paint; is there? There certainly is much confusion about paint!

Dayle Laing has taught material finishes to Interior Decorating and Interior Design students for almost two decades while she managed her busy design practice. This LEED® Accredited Professional will share practical tips for understanding and choosing paint that looks beautiful, performs to a high standard and is the best for our environment and our health.




How to Hire Dayle

Dayle can customize any of these keynotes to fit your needs. She can provide a one-hour seminar, a day or half-day workshop or can build a completely customized presentation. Please contact the office to discuss your requirements.


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