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The ‘coolest shade of green’ is the sustainable choice. Dayle Laing is a Professional Speaker and Author who uses her experience and training as an educator, a designer and a LEED Accredited Professional to empower Conscious Consumers to make practical yet beautiful choices for sustainable living, reducing their carbon footprint while enhancing their body, mind & spirit.

Greening of Health Care

message_impact_500Healthcare Green Teams have an acute sense of responsibility.

They are expected to lead the facility by improving patient safety and service levels, while lowering healthcare costs. They are expected to provide a safe working environment that enhances morale and boosts productivity to attract and keep good staff. Green Teams are expected to create a facility that is a model for the community and the healthcare industry.

Every action by the Green Team has a ripple effect; even the smallest improvement manifests in dramatic changes to patient outcomes, staff happiness and impact on the environment.

There is no separation between environmental issues and health issues” (Smith and Lourie, 2010). Researchers from Environment Canada (Muir and Zegarac, 2001) estimate that Canadian healthcare costs and lost productivity linked to environmental factors total between $46 billion and $52 billion per year. These are staggering numbers and could be easily overlooked when various government budgets are examined as ‘silos’ and the interconnectivity of the environment and healthcare costs are not considered. They are costs borne both financially and in terms of quality of life.” Dayle Laing, Walter F. Kean (MD (Glas), FRCP (Edin, Glas, & C), Clinical Professor in Medicine (Rheumatology), McMaster University. (2011). Greening of Healthcare: Fabrics used in Health Care Facilities. J Green Building 6(4).   Greening of Healthcare Fabrics Paper

Dayle Laing’s Keynote Presentations

Inspire and motivate your team by engaging Dayle:

  • “Why Sustainability in Healthcare can make a Difference”
  • “Empowering Conscious Consumers on your Team”
  • “The Greening of Healthcare Textiles”

Dayle's Lunch ‘n Learn Seminars

Provide your team with practical information they can use immediately in your healthcare facility. Schedule Dayle to present a Lunch ‘n Learn Seminar:

  • Green Healthcare Fabrics
  • LEED for Healthcare
  • Sustainability Initiatives that Lower Costs and Improve Health

Engage Dayle to Consult with Your Green Team

Dayle consults for specific projects or for an ongoing basis:

  • Sustainability Consulting
  • Green Team Facilitation
  • Documentation Creation & Review
  • Supplier alternatives and Research

About Dayle Laing

Dayle is a sustainability expert with extensive experience working with healthcare professionals.  She brings over 20 years of interior design knowledge, college teaching, and is a LEED Accredited Professional. Dayle has more than a dozen years experience in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Dayle and Dr. Kean's paper, “Greening of Healthcare: Fabrics used in Health Care Facilities” was published in the Journal of Green Building, in the Fall 2011. Dayle Laing Biography

green_healthcare_flyer_75The greening of healthcare textiles is a topic of great importance for the overall greening of healthcare spaces due to the large number of chemicals used in the production of fabrics. Both patients and healthcare workers are exposed to these chemicals through dermal contact, inhalation, and ingestion. Hospital green teams and purchasing agents need to be aware of how to best select textiles for their facilities." Dayle Laing and Walter F. Kean, MD

Cool Green Healthcare Flyer

Greening of Healthcare PosterPoster of Dayle Laing & Dr. Kean's Paper, Greening of Healthcare Fabrics
This scientific poster was presented July 4-6, 2011 at the International Conference on 20 years of Inflammopharmacology, Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.

Inflammo Conference Meeting Abstract

Green HGlossary of Green Healthcare Terms

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