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The ‘coolest shade of green’ is the sustainable choice. Dayle Laing is a Professional Speaker and Author who uses her experience and training as an educator, a designer and a LEED Accredited Professional to empower Conscious Consumers to make practical yet beautiful choices for sustainable living, reducing their carbon footprint while enhancing their body, mind & spirit.

The Joy of Contracts - Professional Templates on CD

Are you completely satisfied with your Interior Design Contracts?

dayle_joy_of_contracts_500.jpgDo your interior design contracts bring you and your clients "Joy"? As a design professional, you may be feeling at risk either from not using a written contract or from poorly worded contracts. Maybe you have tried one that frightened your clients with its ‘legalese’. Perhaps you avoid the paperwork due to fear of damaging your good rapport with your residential clients.

A contract in simple language avoids confusion, prevents misunderstanding and sets proper expectations for both parties. Clear clients are happy clients! Happy clients make good decisions that save time, money and result in quality design. Quality design is better for the environment, completing the circle! 

Joy of Contracts CD - helpful business templates 

After 15 years teaching Business Practices for Interior Designers at college and 24 years professional design practice, Dayle has received numerous requests for good solid contracts that protect both designer and consumer. Here is what designers who have used Dayle's short and long contracts have said: 

I have been using "The Joy of Residential Contracts" guideline from you, Dayle, for several years now and not only does it give me peace of mind, but it reflects more professionally to clients. Thank you for this information and guidance. I recommend that everyone follow your lead, Dayle!"

Katherine Porath, Newmarket, ON

These CD's are very well put together and I found them to be very good. They are easy to read, cover all issues and it is easy to adapt them to your own business. It is a worthwhile investment."

Pamela deVries, Brantford, ON

I used your longer contract and I love it! It gave me a feeling of security... a very good thing."

Marlene Stoyanovich, Mississauga, ON

We were able to put together our own version of your contract with the all the valuable information you provided on your CD. We would not have been able to accomplish this without the benefit of your expertise in this area. It's very true - your help is indispensable."

Dominique Hamouth - Jones, Toronto, ON

joy_of_contracts_cd_label_250.jpgThese templates are being made available to you on her "The Joy of Contracts" CD containing editable Word documents that can be adapted for your use.  

  • Short Contract (Letter of Agreement) Template
  • Long Contract (Letter of Agreement) Template

As a bonus, you will receive:

  • MP3 Audio clip of Dayle speaking about the use of these templates
  • Confirmation of Order Template



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All prices in Canadian Dollars. Neither Dayle Laing nor Dayle Laing Interior Designs Inc. assumes any liability for the use of these sample templates. Use of contracts is solely the responsibility of the design professional. For legal advice, consult a lawyer. This CD is copyright and is intended for individual professional use, and not for teaching or training unless specifically authorized by Dayle Laing Interior Designs Inc.

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