We are in a climate emergency that requires each of us to do our individual part, and encourage family, friends and all levels of government to act for sustainability in every area of our lives. We all can make a difference!  


Dayle in Publications

dayle laing david laing photo bryon johnson 250Mar 7, 2013 - Brampton Guardian "Green Energy Act" by Radhika Panjwani

“Green advocates, Dayle Laing and her husband David, seen in their Heart Lake home…have made several changes to their home to trim their energy use and have been documenting the home's energy consumption.” 

“David Laing, a Brampton resident…believes while cost will always be the main driver for people, sustainable living can become part of a community’s mindset provided developers and builders take the initiative.”

Brampton Guardian Green Energy Act

brampton guardian how green is my house 250Feb 28, 2013 - Brampton Guardian "How Green is my house?" by Radhika Panjwani

"Heart Lake residents David Laing and his wife Dayle are vocal advocates for green living. The couple's educational seminars and inspirational blogs on sustainable living are popular and timely... In the past five years, the Laings have however carried out both minor and major retrofits to their house to make it more energy efficient... the Laings have installed new energy-efficient air conditioning and HVAC unit; replaced all the light fixtures with compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs; upgraded the insulation in the attic and tossed out an old fridge and freezer and replaced them with a new energy-efficient pair. Between 2005 and 2011, the home's overall electricity consumption fell dramatically. It was previously 1,428 Kilowatt hours (KWhr), but it dropped 36 per cent last year to 907 KWhr. The home's average monthly bill dropped to $112 in 2011 from $152 in 2006... David and Dayle explore the issue of sustainability as homeowners in their blog www.daylelaing.com/blog

Brampton Guardian How green is my house

journal_of_greenbuilding_fall_2011_300Fall 2011 - scientific paper published in the Journal of Green Building, Volume 6, Issue 4 "The Greening of Healthcare: Fabrics used in Health Care Facilities"

This paper was written by Dayle Laing and Walter F. Kean (MD (Glas), FRCP (Edin, Glas, & C), Clinical Professor in Medicine (Rheumatology), McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

“There is no separation between environmental issues and health issues” (Smith and Lourie, 2010 a). Researchers from Environment Canada (Muir and Zegarac, 2001) estimate that North American healthcare costs and lost productivity linked to environmental factors total between $568 billion and $793 billion per year ($46 billion and $52 billion for Canada alone). These are staggering numbers and could be easily overlooked when various government budgets are examined as “silos” and the interconnectivity of the environment and health care costs are not considered. They are costs borne both financially and in terms of quality of life.

Greening of Healthcare Fabrics paper

greening_of_healthcare-fabrics_used_in_healthcare_facilities_250July 4-6, 2011 - International Conference on 20 years of Inflammopharmacology, Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

- presentation of scientific Abstract and Poster Citation "Greening of Healthcare - Fabrics used in Healthcare Facilities" Dayle Laing and Walter F. Kean, MD, Clinical Professor in Medicine, McMaster University, Canada Greening of Healthcare: Fabrics used in Healthcare Facilities Poster

"Healthcare textiles in current use may pose a serious risk to the health and safety of patients and all healthcare workers, when they are unknowingly exposed to the chemicals of concern.  Many studies have been done on acute or chronic exposure of large doses of these chemicals and toxicity profiles have been identified.  However it is difficult to assess the risk of exposure of these chemicals at low doses, over a long period of time, or consider the risk on patients who are already immuno-compromised."

Inflammo Conference Meeting Abstract


April, 2011 - Canadian Living.com - "Amazing green tips from top Canadian designers" by Christy Wright

Canadian Living Amazing green tips from top Canadian designers 

"Choose simple, local and high-quality products that bring you joy and make you smile every time you see and use them. Cherish your family heirlooms. Avoid any products that have odours and lists of ingredients difficult to pronounce. Finally, select products that draw the least amount of power and have logos such as Energy Star, EnerGuide, Green Seal, Greenguard, Green Label, EcoLogo, Cradle to Cradle and Forestry Stewardship Council -- these show they've been independently tested and certfied."






Summer, 2010 - University of Guelph CME Alumni News "Home, Green Home" by Rebecca Kendall


"Sustainable interior design uses renewable resources, recycled content, locally sourced products and products that promote good indoor air quality," says Laing. "But all of this has to be done in the context of good design and meet the needs of the client. It may not be possible to achieve all of these components at once, but it's an ideal to strive for" she says.


March 28, 2009 The Star "Don't shut your eyes to a restful escape" by Jennifer Brown

"We are told that the darkness enhances our natural production of melatonin, which restores the body," says Dayle Laing, a Toronto-based designer. "Therefore, window treatments should be room darkening, especially if the window faces a street light or other artificial light."

"A dark paint may delay the natural light for waking," says Laing.

The Star article



Selected Past Events:

Tactical Urbanism CanU 6 Summit - Sept 18, 2014

tactical urbanism 150Dayle presented to the Council for Canadian Urbanism on how "Biking in Brampton builds our Community" as an example of best practices in developing community for rapidly expanding urbanism.

She created a YouTube video of her presentation slides. This is a promotional video for her volunteer activities for BikeBrampton.ca



Sustainable Interior Design Trends for Long-Term Satisfaction and Increased Property Value - Dec 4, 2013

dayle presenting construct canada 150Faced with the possibility of a carbon tax and increased operating costs, clients see the value of wise choices for green construction and renovation.

Dayle returned to Construct Canada and the National Green Building Conference at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. She distilled several hundred hours of research into an 1 1/2 hour presentation on her forecast for the updated sustainable trends. Interior Designers, Architects, LEED Accredited Professionals, Contractors, and Realtors gathered for professional development and to obtain ceu's for IDCEC, AIA, and GBCI.

Joy of Contracts- Creating Contracts that are 'Win-Win' for CDECA Interior Decorators - Oct 22, 2013

dayle presenting cdeca 150Dayle custom tailored her contracts seminar for members of the Canadian Decorators Association at their professional development day decorating summit, held at SOFA, the International Centre in Mississauga, ON.

The public expects to receive clear communication through professional contracts as part of the entire design experience.

Sustainable Interior Design Trends for Long-Term Satisfaction and Increased Property Value - Nov 28, 2012

dayle speaking construct canada 150Recent research indicates the premium for green construction is dropping and barriers to sustainable design are being reduced. Increasingly clients are choosing sustainability when green options are clearly and knowledgably explained.

Dayle presented at Construct Canada's National Green Building Conference and Design Trends 2012, to a group of Interior Designers, Architects, LEED APs, Builders, and Building Owners. Participants asked thoughtful questions, requested follow-up handouts, and earned continuing professional development credits for: GBCI, IDCEC, OAA and BOMA.

Greening of Real Estate: Maximizing Value & Profitability – May 23, 2012

real_estate_doors_150Dayle’s message, on the Greening of Real Estate, was enthusiastically received by an audience of Realtors®, real estate agents, design professionals and industry representatives during her presentation at the Speers Rd. Broadloom showroom.

Supported by recent research statistics, Dayle spoke about the growing consumer demand for “Green features” in both new and re-modelled homes. Dayle’s presentation reviewed the interpretation of various Green rating systems for homes, the green features that translate into higher property values through reduced operating expenses and how real estate professionals can maximize sales potential by taking advantage of this recent trend. During the question and answer session that followed, participants discussed how increased knowledge of green real estate will help add value to their client relationships. Conscious consumers will be increasingly demanding of this service from their Realtors. 

Green Window Architecture Seminars - February 15 & March 20, 2012, Toronto

dayle_speaking_inline_150Design professionals and architects gathered in the showroom of fibreglass window and door manufacturer, Inline Fiberglass Ltd.

Dayle delivered the straight goods on window physics, and explained precisely what to look for when specifying windows. Since Natural Resources Canada has stated that "windows are the weak link in terms of energy efficiency and cold-weather comfort", learning about the Energy Star parameters of U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient plus other considerations, are important to industry professionals and their conscious consumer clients.

Western University Staff & Leaders' Conference - Feb 23, 2012, London, Ontario

dayle_western_university_unlocking_conscious_consumer_150The 10th Annual Conference themed "Ignite! 2012", presented "Unlocking your Conscious Consumer" by Dayle Laing to a university auditorium of over 100.

Dayle challenged the group to select 5 habits that they could easily change to become conscious consumers. She outlined the issue and then proceeded to give an alternative -- no scary stories that tend to freeze the best intentioned people into inaction!

Her message was "once you become a conscious consumer, you will never go back".

Participants left with an action plan for personal and professional change, a customized list of local green suppliers, and Dayle's Glossary of Conscious Consumer Green Terms.

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Earth Matters Day - March 29, 2011, Toronto

sunnybrook earth matters 150More than 100 healthcare professionals filled the hospital auditorium to hear Dayle present “Greening of Our Fabrics”.

Attendees learned which fabrics are safest and which should be avoided. Dayle answered the questions that improve personal safety. Are all natural fibres green? Are all synthetics harmful? What choices are suitable for stain repellency? What heavy metals are used in fabrics and what are the alternatives? How can fabrics be safely cleaned? What are the best choices for fabrics?

Greening of Healthcare Textiles - October 19, 2010, London, Ontario

ecocare_2010_logoEcoCare 2010 Healthcare Conference

was held for healthcare professionals seeking to make our hospitals ‘green’ for the benefit of patients, staff, and the environment.

Dayle was honoured to be asked to present a seminar to a group breakout session. Many hospitals are in the process or have already formed “Green Teams”; multidisciplinary committees tasked with turning all aspects of the hospital into becoming more environmentally friendly. Some committees even include the hospital CEO to indicate the relative importance of this policy.

The seminar participants included representatives from housekeeping, waste disposal, laboratories, the Ontario Medical Association, facilities management, physicians and university professors of medicine. Questions and discussions were excellent and there was substantial interest in minimizing toxic chemical exposure from healthcare fabrics and Dayle’s suggestions for alternative choices on the market. 

How to keep Cool with Warmer Window - June 22, 2010, Toronto

londen_logo_250Londen Inc. hosted several dozen design professionals to participate in Dayle's seminar in their showroom.

polar_bear_keeping_cool_250Dayle took the "Using something warm to keep cool -- isn’t this mutually exclusive?" concept and turned it on its heels with a timely educational seminar on how designers can effectively use their scientific knowledge about window physics to create conduction, radiation, and convection advantages for not only the heat of summer but the cold of winter. The focus on evaluating and selecting the best window products and using effective decorating stategiesto save clients money, be thermally comfortable and reduce their carbon footprint.


"Joy of Contracts" - How to make the experience 'win-win' for you & your clients - February 10, 2010

lynne_wainberg_dayle_laing_contract_seminar_100Brentwood Classics kindly hosted Dayle's seminar on Interior Design Contracts in their Concord, Ontario showroom.

Dayle presented this IDCEC accredited seminar to a professional audience of Interior Designers, and Interior Decorators who showed their appreciation with thoughtful questions and a request for more business seminars!



“De-Greying the Green" - How you can make a difference with sustainable products sourced at SOFA - October 8, 2009

sofa_logo_100.jpgdayle_laing_degreying_green_seminar_150.jpgSOFA - Source of Furniture + Accessories sponsored Dayle in their Mississauga, Ontario conference facility.

She presented to more than 100 design professionals, explaining how they could make a difference sourcing ‘green’ products with confidence and prevent being hooked with ‘greenwashing’ claims. Dayle Laing shared her 21 years in design practice and 19 years of college interior design teaching in a fun, educational and practical seminar. She applied her sustainability principles specifically to some of the fabulous green products available from the showrooms of SOFA. Attendees left with tips for choosing beautiful products that are sustainable, for the benefit of their clients and the environment.

Green Upholstery Fabrics - Beautiful & Sustainable - April 29, 2009





dayle green upholstery fabric seminar 150Brentwood Classics of Vaughan, Canada, sponsored Dayle

speaking about how to select the best choices for beautiful and sustainable upholstery fabrics to an enthusiastic group of more than 60 Interior Decorators and Interior Designers in a customized 2 hour seminar.

Dayle answered the following questions: Do you know why 'green foam' is an advantage? Do you know what is the best choice for slipcovers? Should you select natural or synthetic fibres? Are you clear on what exactly is considered 'green' for upholstery fabric? Are your clients asking you these questions? Dayle delivered the straight answers to make the attendees more confident design professionals when they are purchasing upholstered furniture for their clients.

Rugs 101 - Using Beautiful Sustainable Rugs - Feb 17, 2009

dayle_on_rug_250.jpgThe Rug Department kindly hosted Dayle's Rugs 101 Seminar

The first one of her trademark "101" series of seminars was presented to design professionals who wanted to learn straightforward unbiased information on rugs that are best for the home and best for the environment.

Clients want advice that goes beyond the simplicity of "vacuum regularly". Dayle shared her 21 years practicing and teaching design and her passion & research for the sustainable side of rugs in this exciting professional development seminar.