We are in a climate emergency that requires each of us to do our individual part, and encourage family, friends and all levels of government to act for sustainability in every area of our lives. We all can make a difference!  



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Dayle, I wanted to extend our appreciation to you for your presentation at our conference. It was very well received by the sales reps that face these challenges with regards to fabric every day. Just speaking to a few of these individuals the next day, they have indicated their thankfulness in getting this information to help them become "more indispensible to their clients"!! Your style, spirit and preparedness were very motivating!! As a followup to our conference we conducted a survey, with over half of the respondents indicating that your presentation was the best segment of the agenda and that they want more! Look forward to working on "more" with you!!"

Laura L. Davies
National Sales Manager
Crown Wallpaper + Fabrics


Dayle, I can’t begin to thank you enough for the wonderful seminar you “painstakingly” prepared and presented. I received so many compliments on the event itself and with always specific emphasis on your contribution. Your hard work paid off and I look forward to working with you again. Thanks again………….we couldn’t have done it without you."

Roberta (Bobby) Wertman
SOFA | Source of Furniture + Accessories


I hired Dayle to present a seminar in our showroom on green upholstery fabrics; she delivered it with enthusiasm, passion and charm!  Dayle made sure that all of my objectives were met in her presentation; she conveyed a message consistent with our branding and offered her genuine support for our products. Nothing but positive feedback from our clients was sent our way and we acquired new customers as a direct result from the seminar. Thanks again to Dayle for her advocacy on green products; her on-going research is a true benefit to our industry!”

Diana Sisto
Marketing Manager
Brentwood Classics Ltd., Vaughan, ON


It is not very often that I get to presentations. As you know I am very much chained to my desk and have to be a bit cautious about what I can and cannot fit into a day.

I could not resist, Dayle Laing on Green. And well worth it. Good decision!

I am not sure how many years ago ( in the order of ‘lots’) that we met in the course of business but your name is mentioned quite frequently by your past students and currently established design consultants for whom you were the ‘go to person’ during their formative years. I hope our paths cross again, either at a speaking engagement or through your work."

Michael Blade, CEO
Design Lines Fine Fabrics Ltd., Toronto, ON


I have known Dayle Laing for several years and have had the pleasure of working with her at a close proximity on various occasions. When Dayle undertakes a project, she methodically researches it and compiles clear, concise information that she delivers with both passion and enthusiasm. She commands respect from her audience through her simple explanations and insightful suggestions. Dayle’s positive energy and disposition are reflected in her presentations of timely interesting information usually articulated with power point.

Dayle’s holistic approach resonates well with her peers and she definitely provides us with motivation and inspiration. It is my pleasure to recommend Dayle professionally and personally as a speaker to others that would like to improve their business knowledge."

Kathy Quinn
Quin-teriors, Toronto, ON


I have had the privilege of being both a former student of Dayle Laing’s at Sheridan College, as well as a colleague who has attended several of Dayle’s outstanding presentations. As a teacher myself, I have the utmost respect for Dayle’s extremely professional manner, her attention to detail, and her talent to consistently present in a logical and easily understandable manner. Her extremely well researched topics are at all times presented with exceptional visuals as well as excellent examples of practical application. Dayle Laing is a dynamic speaker and I look forward to attending her future speaking engagements."

Dorothy Jane Connolly
two O Design Inc., Mississauga, ON


Dayle Laing is passionate about people, teaching and our planet.  As a student of a couple of Dayle’s courses, I found that Dayle encouraged each class of Interiors Designers to play a role in reclaiming this planet.

We were reminded that choosing timeless materials will allow a design to stand the test of time.  I learned that even something as simple as paint is affecting our planet with off-gassing.  Dayle informed us of the trend to reduce the VOCs in paint products.  She challenged the class to recycle old components when demolishing an existing design.  Where should old cabinets from a kitchen renovation go?

Thank you Dayle, for your always well informed, fun, and dynamic classes."

Kathleen Steele
One X One Interiors, Oakville, ON


I want to thank you Dayle, and let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed your Textiles and Material Finishes classes.  I learned so much from you!! The information presented was always in a clear, organized and interesting manner. It was great how you shared many examples from your design experience with clients and from all your travels. You may not realize this but you have motivated me to really open my eyes to sustainable design and to be aware of how important it is to our environment."

Sandra Diab
Lasting Touch, Brampton, ON


I met Dayle Laing during a year long coaching program, during which she showed me both support and creative ways in which I could optimize my business and coaching practice.  Because of her integrity, congruence and genuine desire to support me, I have since collaborated with her on a number of projects.  Through these, I have learnt that she offers enormous value to clients seeking creative and sustainable solutions to interior design.  Additionally, her life is an example to strategists and business leaders to create ecologically sound solutions in interior design without compromising bottom line profits."

Clare Mann, Director & Business Psychologist
Sydney, Australia